Courage To Blog

Being new to blogging I guess I am feeling a lot of pressure to blog something worthwhile.  I admit, it’s of my own fabrication, as I also hear “share anything as long as you share!”.   Being in a job share where I teach 40% of the week (I taught full-time for 10 years prior) I am struggling a bit with finding the time to create lessons that are meaningful to my students, communicate with my partner, and to be there for my two amazing kids who are the reason I am in a job share partnership to begin with!  I feel I have created those meaningful lessons for my students.  When I open the door for them the day I am in one of the first things I hear from many of them is “it’s Science today! I love Science!”  I believe whole heartedly that science should be taught in a very hands-on manner.  All science lessons of mine involve hands-on learning and a lot of discussion – sometimes the discussions carry on a lot longer than I anticipate, which is great!!!  I feel if I left the day knowing my students were engaged and wanting to learn more I have done alright.  Then comes the blogging… I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel I lack GREATLY in this department!  I recently read a blog post by @birklearns “The Guilt From Blogging Less” and it hit home with me.  I teach with an amazing partner that does all kinds of new things in the classroom and still finds time to blog about it and here I am feeling guilty for not blogging more.  I feel completely inspired by so many people I have met in person and on Twitter.  I am determined to share more of what I do – it may not be on a grand scale like many blog posts I read (yikes!), but it will be something meaningful to my students, and to me. I encourage you to do the same! 🙂