Courage To Blog

Being new to blogging I guess I am feeling a lot of pressure to blog something worthwhile.  I admit, it’s of my own fabrication, as I also hear “share anything as long as you share!”.   Being in a job share where I teach 40% of the week (I taught full-time for 10 years prior) I am struggling a bit with finding the time to create lessons that are meaningful to my students, communicate with my partner, and to be there for my two amazing kids who are the reason I am in a job share partnership to begin with!  I feel I have created those meaningful lessons for my students.  When I open the door for them the day I am in one of the first things I hear from many of them is “it’s Science today! I love Science!”  I believe whole heartedly that science should be taught in a very hands-on manner.  All science lessons of mine involve hands-on learning and a lot of discussion – sometimes the discussions carry on a lot longer than I anticipate, which is great!!!  I feel if I left the day knowing my students were engaged and wanting to learn more I have done alright.  Then comes the blogging… I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel I lack GREATLY in this department!  I recently read a blog post by @birklearns “The Guilt From Blogging Less” and it hit home with me.  I teach with an amazing partner that does all kinds of new things in the classroom and still finds time to blog about it and here I am feeling guilty for not blogging more.  I feel completely inspired by so many people I have met in person and on Twitter.  I am determined to share more of what I do – it may not be on a grand scale like many blog posts I read (yikes!), but it will be something meaningful to my students, and to me. I encourage you to do the same! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Courage To Blog

  1. My Dear Trish,
    Our students are so keen to be young scientists and you make it so interesting and engaging with your hands-on lessons and by bringing in guest speakers and integrating art and writing. I use blogging to keep a record of what I am doing from year to year, almost like a diary or a digital scrapbook. It’s something I do for me 🙂 It would have been nice to have started years ago, I feel like I have forgotten so many great students and colleagues already. You are an amazing woman and I have learned so much from you! I am glad that you are sharing because the world needs to see what you are doing and how you make school wonderful and relevant for our students. Thanks for all you do!

    • Thank you Diana – I am so glad you got the KIVA Project up and running with the students after we saw Bill’s presentation. I enjoy discussing it with our students and learning along side them! I really wanted to be there for the skyping with Bill, as well as when Dean comes to our school this Thursday. There is so much to learn from both of them! I think keeping a digital record of projects and lessons is a fantastic idea & a great way to look at blogging as well. The great thing about job sharing with you is you have such great ideas and motivate me to do more. The downside of job sharing with such an amazing teacher is that we never see each other at work!!! Next year I am excited to be able to see you at least once per week at work and to see the Amazing Mrs. Williams in action! 🙂

  2. Trish,
    I can totally relate. I’m trying to blog, as well, but I don’t always make the time for it. I do believe in the value of sharing, especially in our field, but blogging just doesn’t come easily to me. I can think of what I might blog about but I just don’t seem to get it written. I’ve thought about why I’m not making more time for blogging and the only thing I can come up with is that it’s not my preferred way to share ideas (at least for right now). I just think I prefer to talk about these things rather than type. I may not reach as many people, but it’s the way I do things (again, at least for now). As with our students, we all have different learning, sharing, and expression styles. I will keep trying, but it won’t help me to put extra pressure on myself to feel like I ‘should’ be blogging when I know that I’m growing, learning, and sharing in other ways.

    Keep doing YOUR best. You clearly have plenty to offer your students and fellow educators. Blog when you can, and share how you share best. I know blogging is very effective for others but maybe people like me (and maybe you) need to find different ways to spread our knowledge and share our ideas. Hmm… Something for me to consider further.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your comments Joanne! I think it is great, as a new teacher, you are reflecting so much and putting yourself out there! I completely agree with what you say about finding what works and going with that, whether it’s blogging, talking with others, or something else entirely. For me, I think a combination of both forms of communication works well. It’s important to keep up contact with those you are able to see at work and share your ideas & struggles in person – it is definitely more personal that way. For those a person is unable to see, I find Twitter is an amazing tool to communicate. I do enjoy blogging as a way of reflecting or, as Diana puts it, also keeping a running digital record of sorts. I do see myself blogging more, as I do really enjoy it. I also look forward to our future chats in person and exchanging of ideas as well! 🙂

      • Yes, Twitter is a fantastic tool for learning and sharing. I’ve never felt as connected to other educators as I have since I started using Twitter. It has opened up a world of education and idea sharing to me! I look forward to continuing to learn with and from you!

  3. Hi Trish

    You are doing an amazing job, Trish! Your enthusiasm and your continued interest and love for learning is contagious – for your colleagues (both in person and online) and for your students. I thank you for that! We are all very fortunate to have you as part of our learning team.

    Finding the time to blog is something that everyone struggles with. Please do not feel guilt, just know that you are doing the best you can and that is what matters. I often want to blog more than I do and I have a ton of draft blogs that I have started (just so I don’t forget that I wanted to blog about that topic), but I know I am doing the best I can right now. We will find more time to blog, but it will be when we are able to. And yes, oftentimes reading other people’s indepth blogs gets a little intimidating, but it really isn’t about length, it really is all about sharing. So, try to rid yourself of the guilt. You do not need to feel guilt at all. Blog when you are able, about whatever you want, any length you want. It’s all great!

    One more thing, please know that your priorities are right where they should be – with your family first!

    I do love to read your thoughts and feelings when you blog, Trish. I feel I have been able to get to know you better through Twitter and your blogs – even though we work in the same school. Blogging is a great way to share your beliefs, values, and ideas in education with everyone. You have a lot to give and many people to inspire.

    Happy blogging, Trish!

    • Thank you, Tia. Your continued encouragement means a lot! What do you mean you wish you could blog MORE?! You do SUCH an amazing job – I love reading your blogs when they come up on my Reader! 🙂 I know you totally understand the family thing given you have young children at home as well. It’s wonderful to have a forum to share in the successes and the struggles of our work. It also gives each of us a peek into our personal lives as well when we don’t get the opportunity to connect regularly in person. Thank you for getting me hooked on Twitter, and giving me so many opportunities to grow and learn! 🙂

  4. Trish I completely agree with Dean. He also shared a video a while ago about the myth of the Super Teacher (see here ). I think it is extremely important for teachers to admit that it is hard to be everything to everybody. We are no use to our amazing young people if we are exhausted or filled with guilt. The proof of your worth is that you are on a path of reflection which leads to improvement. You’re honesty is inspiring. 🙂

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