Home Again!

Although I have been in & out of the classroom over the past seven weeks, I have not taught a full lesson in at least three.  My partner and I had a student teacher with us and she has done a terrific job within the past seven weeks.  It has been an interesting process for me to watch how she has grown from the beginning of her practicum to the end.

This is the last week of her practicum and the first week I was teaching my beloved science again to our wonderful group of learners.  Boy did it feel good!  Not only do I love teaching the subject, I missed having that direct interaction with our group after all this time!

We did an experiment with “Feely Balloons” where the students were divided up into groups and were provided with 5 balloons with mystery substances inside.  They had to develop strategies by using 4 out of 5 of their senses (not taste!) to determine what was in the balloons.  It was amazing watching them as they went through the process and all the insights they shared with me and each other.  They also recorded their observations on a chart.20130604_105839 (480x640)

20130604_105900 (480x640)

Next, they were then given the actual substances in clear jars and matched up the jar with the balloon.20130604_112626 (480x640)


Finally, it was the big reveal!  I cut open each of the balloons in front of the class with the students cheering when the contents were revealed.  Quite the excitement about rice in a balloon! But, I realized I felt a lot like my wonderful students. After my first science lesson with them after seven weeks,  it felt so good to be home. 🙂



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