International Dot Day!

International Dot Day is officially Sunday, September 15 this year, but all week various teachers all over the country…no, all over the WORLD were doing various activities with their classes this past week.  Our Kindergarten/ Grade 1 class was no exception!  At the beginning of the week I read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds to our class.  It was special for me because being a K/1 class, none of the students yet had the pleasure of experiencing this wonderful book in a school setting.  It was magic.


There were a lot of questions that were generated by the students during the story, as well as afterwards.  Many of the students loved sharing the different places they have seen dots, how we can make dots interesting, the different kinds of dots there are and how they can be created, and, most importantly, how every dot is special.

Afterwards, the kids were excited to get to work creating their own dot.  Some students started drawing their dots right away using various colours, various designs, or quickly choosing their favourite colours.  Some other students took their time  thinking about how they wanted to create their special dots.  The process was amazing to see – just like the dots they were creating, each of their approaches were very unique as well.



We had a Gallery Walk in the classroom once all the dots were completed and positive comments were made about each and every dot.  🙂  This was a special day for me as an educator not only because it was the first Dot Day I participated in, but because it was also the first full day I had with our class.  Happy International Dot Day everyone!





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