Sharing is Caring

The last day before spring break our Kindergarten class had a day of sharing.  One of the students was very excited in the morning to show me a book he brought to school and wanted me to read it to the class.  It was about a bear who liked to share things with his friends and how it made him feel.  While at the carpet, I told the students about the book that Samuel wanted to share with the class, and that I have something I would like to share with them as well.  I brought out a plate of cut up fruit that I prepared that morning, and as they munched on the fruit I read the story.


After the story & the fruit we brainstormed different ways that we can share things with each other.  Do things we share have to be tangible?  How about a smile?  An idea?  We had a wonderful discussion about this at the carpet.

IMG_20150305_134041                     IMG_20150305_134051 IMG_20150305_134126                   IMG_20150305_134137~03

The students then shared their ideas in the form of pictures.  It was so neat to see the different ways 5-year olds view and explain sharing.  🙂